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Gold Rush: The Game is, as the name suggests, a game based on a reality show of the same title, which was created under the license of the Discovery Channel. The program itself is one of many such creations, where ordinary John can see how he works in a given industry. Of course, all this is heavily colored, assembled into one fashion and embellished with sharp music and fluttering American flag in the background. I am a fan of natural channels myself, and I have noticed myself from boredom, how hard it is to catch crabs, auction abandoned warehouses or just extract gold on a local plot. Therefore, with a lot of curiosity I reached for Gold Rush: The Game Demo, to see if it was possible to keep the spirit of the reality show (which was hardly a difficult task). Click the button below to Gold Rush the Game Demo download for PC now.

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The game itself is a typical walking simulator in which our main task is … gold mining. We jump into the shoes of a daredevil who starts his mining adventure with a few dollars in his pocket and with a dilapidated pickup truck. The adventure begins in front of the small town of Haines (Alaska), which welcomes us with the slogan: “The world capital of gold mining”. Do you need more to happiness? Well, it would be good. The game does not have any plot or seed of any story. We do not know anything about our hero – why he came to the town, who he is, what his goals are. Nothing. We are simply a guest in a checked shirt that has to extract as much precious metal as possible. In the end, why anyone should know more – we have to be rich and finito.

At this point, another rasp occurs when it comes to game mechanics. After activating the title, the player simply will not know very well what to do at all. The game does not greet with any introduction or tutorial. There is only a screen that informs you about the possibility of using a certain type of tablet, in which all hints and information are included. Here you have to admit that the very implementation of the tutorial is really affordable, because every aspect of the game (locations, objects or activities) was embellished with short videos showing what should be done to make everything right. And so, if we choose the option of locating a bank, for example, on the video we will see the exact way to the shrine – from the place where we start the game (suburbs), to the very goal of our journey. The same applies to devices or specific actions. It is a pity that you need to slightly dig into this information.

All this makes Gold Rush: The Game Demo the next average and the usual overgrowth of form over the content. Nice music and graphics are mixed with errors, and the idea of ​​an interesting game for most players will fall at the very beginning by boring and tedious digging a shovel in the ground. Therefore, for a mediocre student, he gets an average mark from me. Let it be a good incentive for the creators, because you can see that the skills and the idea for the games have – only a good touch is needed.

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